The ramblings of a first year college student.
This stop motion animation 'Grindin''
was created by Rogier van der Zwaag using the music "Grindin" by Nobody Beats The Drum to inspire a visually sound peice of footage.
Using wooden blocks and computer editing technology, Rogier has created a visual music score for the techno song. I feel that this is a very creative peice of video, with the idea of taking something so normal as wooden blocks , and turning them into exciting and fun to watch. I noticed that as the music gradually increased to more layers of sounds, the amount of blocks on screen also increased and more colours appeared moving intime to the music. This video was made using a stop motion animation technique, using a camera,a light, tripod, multiple wooden blocks and computer editing technology.
Whilst watching "The making of Gridin" i realised that in a comic way, his "friends" were trying to show how long a video like this takes to make and how much effort goes into it.

"Gridin" -
Nobody beats the drum
I think that the visual representation of the beats was very well planned and fits perfectly, the rate of the blocks appearing matches the music and adds an intensity to the piece that makes the viewer sit back and watch the entire piece, its captivating on many different levels.
The Process Of Advertising
We watched a video on the process of advertising and the things that happen to put a product onto our tv screens and billboards.
The program starts by explaining what the company want to sell, for example, Robinsons want to sell a brand new 100% pure orange juice, under the same name as the populour fruit sqaush "Fruit shoot", however, robinsons wanted to make sure that they got across the fact that it was pure juice, not a squash that you add water too.The brief that was put together needed to be Original, Eye catching, Fresh, and possibly comical, and include all the graphs, statisics, ideas, research and notes. It should convey what the company want to say about the juice.
The company takes this brief to an advertising company, who then have a few weeks to come up with an advertising idea that will apeal to the target audience. First, they look for inspiration, in this case, a walk around the local town market. They then return to their office and start sketching up ideas. "Creative designers are always put into twos in this company, it allows for two voices to be heard, and more good ideas to be created, because the pair are able to work off of each other."
The pair then brainstorm their best ideas, and come up with a final 25 ideas that are taken to their manager, to be wittled down to three or four ideas that are then taken back to the manufacturer in the form of a pitch. They then have one hour to show all of their ideas, explain their routes and wait for the manufacturer to choose the ideas they think will work. The creative designers then go back and develop the chosen idea to form an advert.

Advert examples : Notes
» Visually demonstrates a clear network
» Brand is nationally recognized as a Bubble
» The 02 network was launched just 80 after the first brief was given
» Visual devices: Hand signals for phones for you.
» Using simple ideas sometimes makes the best adverts
» Memorable characters - represent target audience
» Shock Tactics
» Anorexic websites - scares people into realising that there is actually pro-anorexia websites
» Makes people sit up and listen
» Wierd and funny at the same time
» Actions caught on(Viral advertising) everybody wanted to see it and try it themselves.
» Audience know it is a Cadburys advert straight away because of the "Glass and a half full productions" sign at the beggining of each 1:30min advert
» Very significant metaphor, Elegant and memorable - signifys the product (Guinness Beer)
» Surfers are waiting for the great wave, hence the tagline "Good things come to those who wait."
» Filmed in black and white - colours of the product
» Same structure as previous advert - Idea of waiting and waiting for a massive reward (finale of the dominos)
» Shows product as an icon - mainly men in both adverts signifys target audience
» Dominos - element of Pub game - are black and white
» Surroundings seem to say, no matter who you are, you can have Guinness
Advert Critique #1 - The T-mobile Dance
This advert starts with a simple black screen with white writing saying "Liverpool street station,11.00am, 15th January 2009".
The only clue that this is an advert is the small see through writing on the bottom left hand side.
The music starts and a flash mob start to dance, this signifys that the product is exciting and suprising, and by using a range of different people within the advert, the network company are telling the veiwer that anybody can use the network (target audience) this is backed up by the range of music used, ranging from old songs to new songs (older and younger generations).
The tag line for T-mobile is "Life is for sharing". They promote the product by allowing the veiwer, at the end of the ad to see various onlookers videoing the dance, txting and ringing their friends to tell them (sharing), therefore not only promoting t-mobile as a network, but as a company that you can purchase mobile phones from. This part of the product is futher advertised by the way that the advert is filmed, it seems as though it is being filmed by several camera phones rather than a production camera.
This is only one of many adverts by T-mobile, all are very similair and make the audience sit up and watch because they are interesting, a good indication of what the network is like.